About Zyio

Zainab and Zahra have founded Zyio, a sportswear brand that merges innovative fashion with functional design, emphasizing modest, premium sportswear that aligns with modern aesthetics. Zyio transcends typical branding to embody style and empowerment, catering to a market that values modesty in athletic wear.

Our services

-Design Research

-Trend Direction Analysis

-Conceptual Design


-Colour Palette Selection

-Trim Design/Tech Pack Creation

"Every great design begins with an even better story.”

- Lorinda Mamo

About Zainab Behbehani

Zainab is a highly creative and innovative architect with a Master of Architecture degree from the Catholic University of America, whose work spans residential and commercial designs. Her portfolio showcases diverse projects, including residential villas, a nail spa salon, and chic office spaces. Additionally, she is passionate about art, especially oil painting, which influences the artistic and narrative quality of her architectural work.

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